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Social Riders – Distance approx. 40kms – Killarney Gap to the Bingara Rd turnoff. Social riders who would like to be taken to the starting line will be picked up from the carpark of the Crossing Theatre, 117 Tibbereena Street Narrabri at 7.30 am sharp for a 9.00am start at Killarney Gap.

Long Distance Riders – Distance of approx. 75kms – Bingara Road turnoff to Killarney Gap and back. Long distance riders need to make their own way to the starting line, at the Bingara Road turnoff for an 8.30am start. You are invited to join us on the lawns of the Crossing Theatre post ride.

Junior Riders (7-12 years) – Distance of approx 10kms – Mulgate Creek turnoff to Bingara Rd turnoff (junior riders accompanied by an adult). The bus will pick up riders and their bikes at the Crossing Theatre carpark, 117 Tibbereena Street Narrabri at 9.00am sharp for a 9.30am start at Mulgate Creek turnoff and the bus will also collect the junior riders from the Bingara Road turnoff and return to the Crossing Theatre.

NOTE: You must be 7 years or older to enter 

NEW FOR 2017! The Kids Classic (2-6 years) – Distance of up to 1km – Track: Laneways behind the Ovals. Time 11am when everyone has arrived back at the Crossing Theatre.  Kids must be accompanied by an adult at all times!  Helmets compulsory!   Don’t forget to do a bike check!  NO NEED TO REGISTER – THIS ONE’S FREE!  For those of you who don’t own a bike – scooters are welcome too!

Tickets are Non-refundable, all ticket sales will appear on your credit card from “Sticky Tickets’

PRIZES will be awarded for the:

SOCIAL –  Best Dressed Team/Individual
Best Dressed Child and Adult Team
Best Dressed Corporate Team

JUNIORS – Best Dressed Boy – Best Dressed Girl – Best Decorated Bike – Best Team

l-r Heidi Smith,Annabelle Guest,Narrabri Jane Albert, Georgie Gourley, Natalie Gourley, Louise Penberthy Bellata


FAQ’s – About the bike rides

What is the cost?

Social Riders and Long Distance Riders $24.00* per person.

Junior riders (7-12yrs) are $10.00* per child and per adult.

A family up to 5pax is $45.00* (includes all rides).

*plus a small booking fee

The Kids Classic (2-6 years)  FREE ENTRY

Where and when does the ride start?

The Social Riders will start at the top of Killarney Gap on the Bingara Road at 9.00am.

The Long Distance Riders will start at the Bingara Road turnoff at 8.30am.

The Junior riders (7-12yrs) will be picked up from the Crossing Theatre carpark at 9.00am sharp or they can be dropped off at the Mulgate Creek turnoff for a 9.30am start.


How can I get to the starting point?

Social Riders can either make their own way to the top of Killarney Gap or catch the bus from the Crossing Theatre carpark at 7.30am sharp.

Long Distance Riders must make their own way to the starting line at the Bingara Road turnoff.

Junior riders (7-12yrs) can catch a bus from the Crossing Theatre at 9.00am sharp or they can be dropped off at the Mulgate Creek turnoff for a 9.30am start.

The Kids Classic (2-6 years) up to you – could take anything between 10 minutes to 1 hour!

How long would it take an average untrained competitor to complete the trip?

Social riders it would take approximately 2 to 4 hours to finish.

Long distance riders it would take approximately 4 to 5 hours to finish.

Junior riders (7-12yrs) (you must be 7 years and older to enter) it would take approximately 1.5 – 2 hours to finish.


What time and where is the finish function, if my family or friends want to meet me there?

Approximately, 10.30am the first lot of bike riders will be finishing and making their way to the lawns of the Crossing Theatre for our post ride barbecue and presentations.

Family and friends are quite welcome to join the bike riders at the barbeque.

There will be a Jumping Castle and Face Painting for the children.


What will the traffic be like on the road?

The Killarney Gap Road is a relatively quiet road, with only a few cars on the road. The bike route is clearly marked making motorists aware that cyclists are on the road. There will be escort vehicles behind and in front of the cyclists.


Will there be drink stops along the bike route?

Yes …approximately four drink stops offering bike riders bottled water and fresh fruit – mandarins and bananas!


Are riders insured?

Yes, a portion of your entry fee goes towards public liability insurance.


What will I do with my valuables?

Please leave your valuables locked in your car or at home, as the Committee will take no responsibility for your valuables.


What if there is an accident?

The Police and Ambulance are fully informed about the bike ride. KBC engage an Emergency Medical Team for the duration of the Bike Ride.


Where does the money that is raised go?

The money  raised stays within the local Narrabri Community, which in turns help local Narrabri people. Supporting local Cancer support groups such as  Can Assist, Narrabri Hospital Palliative Care Unit and the Cancer Council.


What if I don’t own a bike and don’t wish to purchase one?

Telephone Tim Vaughan on 0402 646 807 and you can hire bikes for a small fee or if you would like to buy a bike please ring Gordon Turner at Turner Motorcycles, 336 Conadilly Street, Gunnedah. Phone: (02) 6742 1937.



FAQ’s – About the local cancer groups

What is Can Assist?

Can Assist provide country families in NSW affected by cancer with:

  • Financial assistance through our local branches with things like medical, pharmaceutical, travel and personal costs;
  • Supported accommodation our Sydney Accommodation Services and Lilier Lodge in Wagga Wagga; and
  • New home based support service; Can Assist Viva Packs provide short term support of essential services to meet specific needs. The range of services may include but are not limited to: nursing, transport, child care, domestic help and respite care.

Can Assist’s website is


What is the Narrabri Hospital Palliative Care Unit?

The Narrabri Palliative Care Unit aims to provide the best quality of life for patients and their families.  They provide equipment such as beds, chairs, etc to help enhance the care and support given in the Pallivative Care Unit.


What is NSW Cancer Council?

NSW Cancer Council is a community funded, community focused cancer charity dedicated to the defeat of cancer. It is a member of Cancer Council Australia.

The NSW Cancer Council works towards realising a vision of a society where lives are not cut short by or their quality diminished by cancer. They develop prevention strategies, research into new treatments and cures, and by providing clinical and emotional support to those affected by cancer.

New South Wales Cancer Council’s website is


FAQ’s – About the accommodation & locality

What accommodation do you recommend?

Cross Roads Hotel, 107 Maitland Street, Narrabri.  Ph: 02 6792 5592

Nandewar Motel, Newell Highway (cnr Dangar St), Narrabri. Ph: 02 6792 1155


How do I get to Narrabri?

Car –

Train – Countrylink

Plane –